UK radio day for relaunch

There will be a big day of Radio for the earwormery team tomorrow (22nd October). Dr Lauren Stewart will appear on Radio 4’s Today show at about 8.20am (UK time) to discuss the next wave of our project and the future of earworm research.

Then at 11am (again UK time) there will be a dedicated Radio 4 program about the project, hosted by 6Music’s own Shaun Keaveny.Learn all about our project progress and what we have learned about those elusive earworms!

This radio day will coincide with the new launch of our earwormery survey. Over 8000 people have taken the survey and all that data has been, and will continue to be, incredibly useful for our research.

The new survey is lighter, quicker and contains everything we need to know for future studies. It also gives people the opportunity to register interest for our upcoming lab studies. Please take part if you have a spare 10 minutes and pass it on!


New earworm phase is a go!

This week marks the official start of the new phase of the Goldsmiths Earworm Project, which is funded by The Leverhulme Trust. To celebrate the launch of the new phase, which will run for 3 years, Dr Vicky Williamson (the project postdoc) has published one of her latest interviews about the phenomenon on her blog. You can read all about why tunes get stick in our heads here

Thanks again for all those who have filled in the questionnaire so far. Please continue to pass it on as this data is vital if we are to understand why tunes get stuck in our heads. :-)

Fantastic emails

Another big thank you is due to all the wonderful people who have been emailing the project at

This morning we have been reading through a mountain of absolutely fascinating earworm stories. It is the first chance we have had to sit back and read these emails and we are humbled and very grateful to everyone who has sent us a message. They are giving us some great ideas for future projects.

And a special big thanks to everyone who took the time and effort to complete an earworm diary for us. This data is completely invaluable to us. If you would like to keep an earworm diary for us, tracking the music in your head through your life, then simply download our diary form here.

There continues to be a great deal of media interest in the earworm project and you can follow progress here:

You may also be interested in a new site that we have built in anticipation of a symposium we are running, all about earworms, this summer. There are lots of links to papers about earworms and relevant websites, as well as information about the speakers, who all work on earworms. We will also upload our presentations here once the conference is over:

All the best!

Wow! Thanks!!

A big thanks to all those who responded to the recent surge of media interest in the earwormery and filled in the questionnaire.

You can read about the media interest here on Dr Vicky Williamson’s blog about music psychology:

In just over 2 weeks we went from 1,900 participants to over 5,000! This is a fantastic number and gives us a great database of information about earworms for our studies.

But we are not stopping here. Oh no. The more earworms we collect the closer and closer we move towards answering some of the fundamental questions like what causes an earworm and why do they persist.  So please complete the questionnaire when you have a spare 20 minutes and, if you would be so kind, pass it on!

All the best and BIG THANKS again from the earworm team.

Earwormery Paper 1: Media flurry!

The earworm group has published a first paper! The paper is currently in online only form and will be released on paper in April of next year by the journal Psychology of Music. You can find the online version of the paper here and a summary of the findings on our group website here.

However, the paper is already creating quite a stir – before it even hits paper! The first media article to cover the project came out was from the British Psychological Society Blogspot. The second appeared on MSNBC body series.

More links to follow!


The earworm project has been going for just over a year now. We have completed a number of our studies and the results are looking fascinating! You can read about some of our up to date findings at our University Website

Good news!! The earworm team have just been awarded a 250k grant from the Leverhulme Trust to continue our research into earworms. This means thtat the project can continue for another 3 years at least, and that we can move into really interesting new areas such as brain imaging and a better understanding of how our body state influences earworms.

Watch this space!

The Earwormery featured on CNN website

Last week we were featured in an article on the CNN website about earworms. Check out what they had to say!